About Us

Florian Precision was founded in 1997 by two brothers. With a dream and a heavy influence from our parents, we bought our first Wire EDM and rented 600 square feet of space. In 2000 we purchased our own building. Two years later we designed and patented a wire processing module for cutting up spent electrode from EDM machines. What’s interesting about the module is that it is built using our wire EDM machines. So in essence we use our EDMs to make parts for themselves. Today we operate 5 Wire EDMs and a high speed small hole EDM. We have a full tool room with almost limitless possibilities.

We are not just EDM operators, we are skilled class A toolmakers with experience in building and designing progressive metal stamping dies, jigs and fixtures. From the mid 1970s we worked with our Father ( Jonathan B Florian ) designing and manufacturing the Florian line of pruning tools.

Our Choice of Mitsubishi EDM machines have given us many years of reliable trouble free service. We have a chronology of machines that date back to 1984 and as recent as 2011. Any of our machines can hold tolerances better than .0001. We maintain them ourselves and are proud of their condition. We are passionate about EDM and try not to forget the WOW factor about what you can do with an EDM. Our passion about the products we make, and about the services we offer make us the success we are today.