We primarily specialize in Wire EDM. With an array of machines that can cut fast with high accuracy. We regularly hold tolerances to .0002 but can do much better if required. We pride ourselves in that we are not just EDM operators, we are toolmakers. When your job comes to us we make sure you get what you want because we use our machines to build things too.

Our Wire EDMs are complimented by our small hole EDM Drill. This machine can burn holes extremely fast in any conductive material in any hardness up to 11.5 inches deep with hole sizes .020 to .156 diameter. Having this machine enables us to use otherwise spent slugs that can be made into usable parts.

Florian Precision can also Laser engrave, Laser mark or Laser cut with our CO2 Laser engraving machine. We regularly use it for marking anodized aluminum and for cutting plastics that are used in our products. It can be used for marking metals economically by applying a ceramic paste that is then burned in by the laser.

Whatever the job you have in mind we can be your one stop shop. We pride ourselves to do the best work with a quick delivery at a low cost.